Milestones have a comprehensive vaccination programme and all the latest vaccines are available. The standard immunization schedule, as recommended by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (, is followed with no arbitrary alterations. When different variants of the vaccine are available (for example whole cell and acellular DTP vaccine), Dr Anand makes it a point to explain their pros and cons to parents to help them decide.

At Milestones children’s Clinic, the visits for vaccination are also optimally utilized to provide guidance regarding diet (including nutritional counselling), parenting issues, physical exercise and healthy lifestyle from an early age, and prevention of injuries. Care is given to the management of developmental issues, potty training resistance, sleep difficulties, food fussiness, temper tantrums, breath holding spells and the like. Age-appropriate instructions, anticipatory guidance and advice on age-appropriate toys are the routine in these well-baby check-ups. The idea is to get involved with the parents in getting every child to reach its true potential!

Vaccinations will be given only after the pros and cons of each vaccine are discussed with parents. Premium brands of vaccines from GSK, Wyeth, Chiron, Sarnoff-Pasteur, Bharat, Serum Institute will be used. Efforts are taken to ensure that the vaccination experience is as pleasant as possible All vaccinations will be administered by trained and experienced staff. Details of vaccinations given will be entered in the vaccine card, the patient’s chart as well as in the clinic’s computer records.
Reminders of upcoming vaccinations are sent by email or SMS
Vaccinations are given from 8.00 to 6 pm.

Adult vaccination is available.