Pediatric Growth clinic

At Milestones, every child’s weight, height and in case of smaller children head circumference is taken. Your child growth parameters will be sent to you via mail. By serial measurement, parents will be able to know whether the child is growing adequately. Nutrition and dietary advice are given. We have the services of a dietician. We also take an active interest in obesity which has now become the fastest growing epidemic.

Overweight and obesity among adolescents is an emerging problem among the pediatric population. The magnitude of overweight ranges from 9% to 28% and obesity ranges from 1 to 13% among Indian children. Overweight and obesity were defined as body mass index (BMI more than 85th and 95 percentiles for that age and sex. These children are more prone to heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, bone and joint diseases, later in adult life.

At Milestones, we use non-stretchable tapes and accurate weight and height calculation equipment and plot on the age-appropriate growth charts. Early recognition of excess weight gain is important. We try to find the genetic, environmental and other risk factors for obesity and give anticipatory advice for its prevention. It is necessary to plot BMI regularly. It is also important to educate the family about the dangers of obesity. Following that advice on how to lose body weight and dietary advice is given.