New born services

We offer all services for newborn, including vaccination services, eye check, and screening for metabolic disorders and developmental check-up at regular intervals. Physiotherapy and hearing screening can also be arranged. Dr. Anand, a qualified Neonatologist, will be able to guide parents specifically during the baby’s crucial first few months.

Newborn screening tests- we do newborn screening for detecting inborn error of metabolism. Many of these disorders are without any symptoms and hence could be detected only by sophisticated methods. Tandem Mass spectrometry is used to detect around 45 metabolic disorders from a single drop of blood. This test can be done 4-5 days after birth. There are various packages available. If the test is positive Dr Anand will immediately inform the parents and coordinate with metabolic experts to provide essential care of their precious ones. A special diet may have to be followed as part of the treatment.