Allergy and Asthma Care

Pediatric Allergy and asthma services
Our centre is well established for pediatric asthma, allergy and allied issues like chronic running nose, dry skin, and watery eyes. Advice is given on the proper use of medications, devices including inhalers. Teaching videos on the above issues are available. Use of Peak expiratory flow meter (PEFR) is taught for children with chronic asthma. Lung function test via spirometry is done once on a monthly basis
Nebulisation Facilities
We have five states of the art nebulizers which can be used in the acute management of asthma and other respiratory disorders. We give our nebulization with oxygen. We also use pulse oximeters to monitor oxygen level in children with breathing difficulty (Asthma, pneumonia, croup). We have also ultrasonic Nebulisers which acts very fast, as well as being noiseless. Oxygen can be given along with nebulization.